A response to the horrific attack in Nice

Mark Dawes, 17 July 2016, Tags:


Mark Dawes responds in the afternath of the horrific attack in Nice.

In the aftermath of the horrific attack in Nice, there are plenty of politicians who state this is an attack on our Western way of life. They are wrong. These attacks are the result of our current Western way of life.

The neoliberal, global capitalism so beloved by our Western leaders has created a planet where a small elite have amassed massive wealth whilst billions are left in poverty with no hope of a better life. It is this alienation that creates terrorism as well as the rise of racist political parties and attacks on people ‘different’ from us. And on a lesser scale, the rise of UKIP and votes where people seek to blame immigrants for our system’s failures and the fact they can see no better future.

Of course, the individuals who commit violence are responsible for their actions and we feel compassion for everyone who has suffered as a result of acts of terrorism wherever in the world. But our current system is based on greed - but denies its satisfaction – and on violence to our environment, to animals and to other people. We need to create a world where everyone has a genuine, good quality of life - 'spiritual' as well as material - so take away the root of the problem.



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