Air pollution at Crooked Billet Roundabout 'exceeding legal levels'

Andrew Johns, 18 July 2016, Tags:

This response by joint coordinator, Andrew Johns, was used in a Waltham Forest Guardian article.

It is good news that the stats show a general decrease in air pollution in the borough.

But we know that air pollution still has an effect on our health even if levels are below legal limits, so we still have a long way to go.

“For this reason we'd expect the council to commit to at least maintaining existing European emission standards and air quality regulations, regardless of any possible changes to UK regulations following Brexit.

Waltham Forest residents, and parents in particular, are very concerned about poor air quality, as shown earlier this year by the initiative to monitor pollution across the borough from the community group ‘Waltham Forest Cares about Clean Air".

While long-term schemes are commendable to reduce borough-wide pollution, we would also demand immediate improvements around known hotspots in the short-term.


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