Tallack Road Resident Responds to Development Plan Approval

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Residents of Tallack Road, including Green Party member, Rachel Barrat, front centre.

This letter was printed in the Waltham Forest Guardian edition on 9th September 2016, and the story covered online. The original letter is posted below.


My parents have lived in Tallack Road for 50 years, and it’s there that I was born. People living in this narrow cul-de-sac tend to remain there: my family is a case in point. But our lives have now been blighted by the looming prospect of a new housing development - and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. It is a good thing that Waltham Forest Council have approved a car-free housing development in Tallack Road - this is in line with their ongoing policy of reducing reliance on the motor car. But in their zeal to create a brave new car-free world, the council have totally forgotten that these households will all have visitors, many of them car owners. With existing residents already struggling to park their cars, chaos lies ahead unless Tallack Road is made a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone).
  2. Many residents in Tallack Road already suffer from clouds of dust raised by vehicles and sweeping over their garden walls from Estate Way, a road parallel to Tallack Road. As well as stopping people from enjoying the use of their gardens and even opening windows, there is a potential health risk to all residents of a borough already suffering a record high cancer rate due to PM10 particulates in the air (see Waltham Forest Guardian, July 2015). A further increase in air pollution from such a nearby development would be disastrous.
  3. As a founder of a local animal welfare group, Waltham Forest Animal Protection, I am also disappointed about the lack of concern for any wildlife on the site. As a result of the area being neglected for so long, animals and birds have been attracted to the habitat and, with little legal protection, the fate of such wildlife is unlikely to be addressed.

While I absolutely support the use of brownfield sites to build more housing, I also firmly believe that all redevelopment plans ought to be approved only after they have shown themselves to be in keeping with and sensitive to the local area and conditions. I fear that in the rush to redevelop this site, Waltham Forest Council have granted approval without sufficient concern for the impact that 50 new homes in a 5-storey block will have on the residents of Tallack Road.

Rachel Barrat
Tallack Road resident and Green Party member



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