Ironic Twist to Trump Travel Ban

, 06 February 2017, Tags:

Many people from our part of East London, including myself, participated in the recent Women's March (January 21, the day following Donald Trump's inauguration). We were protesting the repressive and isolationist policies which the new US leader had promised to usher in. He has wasted little time in doing so.

But I believe that Trump's Muslim ban has already done some key positive work in the fight against terrorism. Why? Because no other presidential action could have mobilised so much public protest across the entire world, uniting people in support of freedom, justice and democratic choice. I believe that this hideous action has, ironically, made the USA (and probably the rest of the Western world) a safer place. Terrorism feeds on hate and misunderstanding, not openly expressed love and compassion.


Diana Korchien,

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party 


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