Tribal party politics wins the day at farcical council meeting - Lee Burkwood

, 21 November 2017, Tags:

At last Thursday’s full council meeting (Redbridge), I was pleased to see the public gallery almost full. There were important questions from the public on everything from housing to education and the funding and provision of the arts. But when it came to the section where councillors were questioning the council, this is when it got ridiculous.

The first motion to be debated between councillors was put forward by the Conservatives to get the Labour Council to apologise for getting rid of the Free Garden Waste Collection and to admit they had made a mistake. Labour did get rid of it this year but have brought it back under public pressure. Hoping to humiliate Labour, the Tories wasted valuable time by debating a motion which wasn’t going to make any difference to residents. The motion was debated for over an hour and ended up turning into a slanging match over national policies. This caused the meeting to go on till 10:30, causing an important motion over Police Station closures to be withdrawn.

When I asked on Twitter why there had been no discussion about the proposed cuts to Adult Social Care in the borough, I got a response from a Lib Dem councillor saying that as the proposals were in their draft stages, there was no point debating them. Adult Social Care affects many residents in our borough, but whether the council apologises for a mistake does not. Where are the councillors’ priorities?


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