Conservative Party hypocrisy over Post Office!

, 30 November 2017, Tags:

The local Conservative Party have been rallying against the proposed closure of the sorting office in South Woodford. Remember, this was the party that sold off our Post Office only 4 years ago to the highest bidder. Since then, across the country staff have lost their jobs, conditions have got worse and sorting offices have closed.

Whilst I support the efforts to keep the sorting office open, it is harder to do this when the organisation is owned privately and therefore has no obligations to the public that use this service, with shareholders' needs of paramount importance. The Tories have said that they are working with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) on this, but the CWU also want to see our Post Office bought back under Public Ownership to guarantee it is as a universal service for all.


I urge the Post Office to halt this closure but also urge the government to do the sensible thing and end the failed privatisation experiment to secure the long-term future of sorting offices across the country.


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