World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Mark Dawes, 30 April 2018, Tags:

World Day for Animals in Laboratories was on April 24th and is a UN recognised date to highlight the millions of animals each year who suffer and die behind the walls of laboratories. I, along with hundreds of other animal rights activists, took part in the national demonstration in Nottingham last Saturday against all vivisection to commemorate the day.

Each year inside British laboratories, around 4 million animals are experimented on and every 8 seconds, one animal dies - but these appalling facts are largely ignored. Vivisection causes great suffering to animals – some of the experiments are unbelievably cruel - and is also unscientific as the results from vivisection are inaccurate because of the vast differences of non-human-animals and humans anatomically, physiologically and pathologically. There are now more accurate ways of performing medical research that does not involve animals including using human cells and tissues and computer modeling.

Unfortunately cruel animal testing is supported by the Conservatives, Labour (even under Jeremy Corbyn) and the Liberal Democrats, it is only the Green Party that would ban all vivisection. That is why it is only the Green Party that can be trusted on animal protection.


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