Greens condemn vivisection

Mark Dawes, 22 July 2018, Tags:

The Home Office released the annual statistics on experiments on living animals last week and they reveal the horrifying scale of animal experimentation in the UK. In 2017, 3,721,744 animals were used for the first time, including monkeys, dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and rabbits.

The figures show the industrial scale of animal experiments which inflict pain, suffering or lasting harm at a time when there are more accurate alternatives to vivisection including using human cells and tissues and computer modeling. Animal experimentation is often inaccurate because of the vast differences of non-human-animals and humans anatomically, physiologically and pathologically.

More than a quarter of animals – 26% – underwent ‘moderate’ suffering during experimental procedures and one in 20 animals – 5% – underwent ‘severe’ suffering during experimental procedures.

Vivisection causes great suffering to animals and is likely to get worse under Brexit as hard-fought EU regulations on animal experiments are rolled back in the UK by a Government concerned more with free market dogma rather than compassion for all living beings.

The Green Party has the strongest policies on animal protection of the major political parties and is the only party committed to stopping the obscene cruelty of animal testing.


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