Greens join Animal Rights march

Mark Dawes, 26 August 2018, Tags:


Last Saturday, I joined ten thousand people in Central London including fellow Greens on one of the biggest ever marches for animal rights in the UK. There were similar events around the world. We called for the end of suffering to animals and the end to cruel practices like being farmed for food, vivisection, being killed for fur, hunting, shooting and being exploited in zoos.

Brexit is likely to lead to a weakening of animal welfare regulations as shown by Liam Fox’s willingness to allow chlorinated chicken from the US into the UK under a trade deal. The reason chicken carcasses are chlorinated is because animal welfare standards are lower in the US. And animal welfare is not high to start with in the UK as shown by the recent figures released on animal testing in the UK with over four million animal tests carried out annually - and the figure is rising according to Government statistics. It makes the UK one of the world’s largest users of animals in experiments. These figures are set to rise even more after Brexit as the European Directive that governs the use of animals in experiments in the EU is ditched in the UK.

I would urge anyone who cares about animals to go vegan and to enjoy a compassionate way of life. And it has never been easier to be vegan with vegan alternatives in nearly all shops and restaurants.


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