People’s Walk for Wildlife

Mark Dawes, 23 September 2018, Tags:

I – along with other Greens – joined 10,000 other people on the People’s Walk for Wildlife in Central London last Saturday. The event was organised by the BBC’s Chris Packham.  British wildlife has been decimated in recent years, according to the definitive State of Nature report, between 1970 and 2013 56% of UK species declined, and 15% are now threatened with extinction. This is not happening by accident, our wildlife is been killed, starved, poisoned, ploughed up or concreted over. Unless action is taken, much of British wildlife will be lost for ever.

A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife was published - - with practical measures to stop this destruction. I hope people will pressure politicians to take these actions.

We need to ban the weedkiller glyphosate, ban cruel driven grouse shooting, ban deer stalking, ban scallop dredging in UK waters, ban snares, ban fracking, stop the culling of badgers and enforce the Hunting Act to stop fox hunting for good. And rewild our countryside.

We need to stop the current war on our wildlife and have a reverence for our nature and wildlife with Government policies to reflect that.


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