Campaigners call for the end of cruelty to chickens by McDonald’s

Mark Dawes, 06 January 2019, Tags:


Members of the Green Party joined The Humane League and their campaign for higher animal welfare on a demonstration outside McDonald’s, Leytonstone on Saturday January 5th. There was a positive response from the public who wanted McDonald’s to improve animal welfare. 

Chickens raised for meat for McDonald’s are bred to grow unnaturally fast. Their body weight is so huge that often the chickens cannot walk and suffer debilitating injuries during their short lives. The chickens endure cruel lives in cramped barns, and are slaughtered at only seven weeks old, when they are still babies. Despite public outrage, including a public petition that has attracted over 275,000 signatures so far, McDonald's leadership has refused to meaningfully address the concerns of neglect and mistreatment in its chicken supply chain. 

As a result, a coalition of animal protection groups are currently running an international public campaign against McDonald’s. The Humane League is campaigning to see McDonald’s produce a meaningful and measurable policy to address the animal abuse of chickens. There is also a growing national boycott against McDonald’s because of its animal cruelty. 

“We are extremely concerned that McDonald’s has failed to make sufficient improvements to its inadequateanimal welfare policy and demand McDonald’s commit to ending its support of unnecessary animal abuse” said Mark Dawes of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party “I hope people join the boycott of McDonalds to put pressure on them to improve animal welfare” he added. “Of course, the best way to stop animal cruelty is go to vegan” he concluded.

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