Greens condemn local mini zoo

Mark Dawes, 20 May 2019, Tags:

I was very disappointed to hear of Get To Know Animals, a mobile mini zoo for parties and schools based in Chingford. It is an appalling idea and exploitive of the animals. Animals should not be carted around to parties to be petted by people –animals will be distressed being handled by strangers – and a party is certainly not the place for exotic animals. It will also encourage people to have these animals as pets and so promote the cruel exotic animal trade.

It is also wrong in schools too as it sends the message to children that animals are to be exploited as playthings for humans. Far better for children to see wildlife television programs which show animals in the wild where they should be. That would breed a respect and reverence for animals which is what we should be encouraging.

Recently the Government finally announced it was going to ban wild animals in circuses – something the Green Party has campaigned on for years. These mini zoos should be banned too - and I would urge people not use this company or similar. We need to move to a world where all animals are respected and treated with compassion.


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