National Animal Rights Day

Mark Dawes, 02 June 2019, Tags:

Sunday June 2nd was the 9th National Animal Rights Day (NARD) event which was observed in over 30 cities around the world. In the London the day was marked by a ceremony in Parliament Square where activists held photos of animals with some holding frozen dead animals. The moving ceremony paid tribute to all animals and gave the animals the dignified death they deserve and may not have had.

The National Animal Rights Day was created to give a voice to the billions and billions of beings that are used for food, clothing, entertainment, science and companions. The number of animals unnecessarily killed by humans is staggering – more than 150 billion animals are slaughtered for food every year. The event also marked the great strides that are being made every year towards ending the suffering of animals and transitioning mankind to a vegan lifestyle.

We need to respect the rights of animals and stop the exploitation and suffering of all animals - and move to a more compassionate, kinder, vegan world.


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