Greens march against Fox Cub Hunting

Mark Dawes, 06 August 2019, Tags:

On Saturday August 3rd there was a demonstration in Central London against fox cub hunting (cubbing). Despite being illegal this barbaric practice is still happening across the UK.

It is estimated that every year as many as 10,000 fox cubs are killed by hunts as they train young hounds for the new hunting season. From late August members of the hunt go out in the early hours to surround a wood or copse before introducing hounds inside. Any fox cub attempting to flee for its life is driven back in. The aim is simply to train young foxhounds to kill, something that does not come naturally to them.

Hunting with hounds is vicious and cruel and rightly condemned by over 80% of the British public. Cub hunting is central to this barbaric blood sport and the law needs to be rigorously enforced to stop it happening. The Green Party is opposed to all blood sports and actively campaigns to stop them – unlike the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has said he loves the cruel sport and labels those who oppose fox hunting as domestic extremists.


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