Close all Slaughterhouses

Mark Dawes, 25 August 2020, Tags:

Outside the slaughterhouse in Birmingham

On Saturday August 22nd, the Close all Slaughterhouses march took place in Birmingham that started outside a slaughterhouse before marching through the city centre to a market with a long history of selling meat and fish. It was part of a global event demanding the closure of all slaughterhouses. With nearly all the current news focused on the coronavirus, it can be overlooked that every day millions and millions of innocent animals are brutally and unnecessarily killed by the meat and dairy industry.

Not only does the meat and dairy industry cause untold suffering and violent death to billions of animals, it is also one of the leading causes of climate change as well as other environmental destruction including mass deforestation, loss of biodiversity and the poisoning of rivers and waterways.

And meat and dairy is not even needed for people as a plant based diet can be as healthy – if not healthier - as one containing meat and fish. In fact, meat and dairy consumption can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers among others. And it was the meat industry that caused the current coronavirus pandemic too. Now is the time to close all slaughterhouses for good.


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