Greens focus on climate change and the pandemic in Grove Green by-election

Mark Dawes, 23 May 2021, Tags:

Grove Green candidate Mark Dawes outlines his priorities in the by-election.

Think Global, Act Local

  • Climate Change 

Globally, climate change is one the biggest threats facing the planet and unless action is taken will lead to frightening consequences such as extreme weather, food shortages, mass extinction of species and escalating wars over resources. 

Locally, we need to take action - moving to green energy, insulating homes, less car use with good public transport and more walking and cycling safely, and reducing our consumption of meat and dairy. 

  • Pandemics 

Globally, we have experienced the Covid pandemic that has resulted in over three million deaths and millions more suffering serious illness as well as a mental health epidemic, economic devastation and healthcare pushed to unprecedented limits. Covid was caused by our exploitation of nature and animals – as was SARS, MERS, bird flu, Ebola and AIDS among others. 

Locally, to avoid future pandemics we need to eat less meat and dairy and eat more plant-based food. We need to end factory farming, stop the decimation of the natural world and its inhabitants and end the trade in wildlife.


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