Lea Bridge candidate's plans for the ward.

Mark Dawes, 01 June 2021, Tags:

RoseMary Warrington writes - 

We are in a climate emergency. Waltham Forest council passed a motion on this but they need to be continually reminded of it in everything that they do. Councils need to be scrutinised by an effective opposition.

1,038 people in Lea Bridge voted for the Green Party in the Mayoral election - Greens can win here. The Conservatives had 780 votes, so they have no chance here, and the Liberal Democrats had even fewer. A Labour Councillor in Enfield has switched to the Green Party since the mayoral elections. You can bring real change to Waltham Forest Council.

 My plan for Lea Bridge: 

Housing – we need housing but it needs to be liveable, genuinely affordable and if on brownfield sites such as gas works, these must be made safe. There also need to be sufficient facilities including GP surgeries and good transport links. I would pressure the Council for this. 

Continue to campaign for the North London Waste Authority to halt the rebuilding of the Edmonton incinerator which produces pollution regularly reaching Lea Bridge. The proposed incinerator would be in place for 50 years and is larger. Having an incinerator reduces household recycling rates. Another Labour councillor is not going to be as effective in halting this.

Continue to support the Low Hall Fields campaign to retain this open space for wildlife and residents to enjoy.

What I bring – understanding of how councils work. Experience of observing WF planning committee meetings and putting in objections. Support of the Association of Green Councillors, support of local and London Green Parties and their councillors. Professional approach from my experience working as a business analyst and listening skills from life.


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