Kurt Zouma and animal abuse

Mark Dawes, 13 February 2022, Tags:

Along with millions of other people, I was appalled to see the animal cruelty displayed by West Ham football Kurt Zouma when he kicked and hit his cat with accompanying laughter. This terrible abuse was rightly widely condemned and will hopefully lead to prosecution for animal cruelty and significant sanction – it should not be tolerated in a civilised society.

However, the cruelty exhibited by Zouma is dwarfed by the horrific abuse that happens every day on factory farms to the animals farmed for food. Animals are kept in appalling, filthy, cramped conditions – unable to move freely or express their natural behaviour, often suffering diseases and malformed - and then killed in the most inhumane ways such as having their heads bashed on a concrete floor, gassed, ground up whilst still alive, throats slit whilst still conscious and other equally cruel ways.

I hope everyone who was outraged by Kurt Zouma’s animal cruelty reflects that the food on their plate is the result of far more cruelty and suffering. Fortunately, it is possible to live on a cruelty free plant-based diet which is as healthy – if not healthier – than diets based on animals. Whilst going vegan is preferable and the most compassionate option, even by just cutting down on meat and diary will save animals from suffering cruel abuse.


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