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Tallack Road Resident Responds to Development Plan Approval

, 29 August 2016

Rachel Barrat - Rachel voices concerns over a proposed new housing development.

Tesco and Hale End Library: an Offer to Refuse

, 28 August 2016

Mick Holloway - Hatch Lane ward resident and Green Party Member on the recent Change of Use application for a Retail Unit on the Tesco site, likely as part of the plan to move Hale End Library away from its current premises.

London City Airport Expansion Hell

Mark Dawes, 31 July 2016

On the recent decision to expand London City Airport.

Air pollution at Crooked Billet Roundabout 'exceeding legal levels'

Andrew Johns, 18 July 2016

Responding to latest air pollution stats in Waltham Forest.

A response to the horrific attack in Nice

Mark Dawes, 17 July 2016

On the horrific attack in Nice.

Chingford Times asks: What do you want from the new Government

, 13 July 2016

Waltham Forest and Redbridge Greens - Diana Korchien and Andrew Johns give their opinions to the Chingford Times.

Pay to Play Tennis: Social Exclusion

Andrew Johns, 04 July 2016

Voicing concern over removal of free tennis courts in Waltham Forest.

Oakfield Playing Fields: Council once again not listening to residents

, 08 June 2016

Lee Burkwood - On the future of Oakfield playing fields in Redbridge.

EU membership is not just about material gain

, 05 June 2016

Ann Williams - Ann writes regarding the upcoming EU Referendum and asks us to remember what this union has given us.

Havering and Redbridge assembly candidate on the EU membership debate

, 11 March 2016

Lee Burkwood - Lee comments on the referendum debate.


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